Urban Food fest in Afe Babalola University.

On wednesday 27, March 2019, behind Talent discovery centre(TDC) Urban food fest ng brought their campus tour to ABUAD with lots of food stand, fun, games, entertainment etc.
It had ABUAD personalities like The Jamal, T media, Fesisayo, Gospel, Kamal waved, Desire, Zilla Oaks, Somto, Eeskay, Shehu Nen, these personalities were also interviewed by them.
The performing artists of that day were; G burner, Arthur Psycho and Eeskay and the event was mastered by Biggi Official.
The stands consisted of lots of food and eatables like, cake, chicken wings, coak tails, noodles, among others.
There was a cook off competition among ABUAD finests from the college of Social and management science (SMS)which were; Jojo, Emeka and Gaje.
The different departments in SMS were dressed in their different departmental shirts.
There was also cash to be won by answering trivia questions, it was sponsored by carry 1st.
The fest was presented by the Social and management student association ( SAMSSA) since it was on their week.
At the ending of the festival other colleges also came to participate.
Urban food fest was partnered with Krasks Tv, Jamal Media House and carry 1st.


Afe Babalola University FAD FEST 001

The 2019 001 Fashion and Dance Festival (FAD FEST) took place in Afe Babalola University at Owolabi hall from 6pm-10pm on Friday 15, 2019. In the theme #fadfest, showcased the best of Abuad’s top fashion designers and dancers with a sprinkle of musical performances.
As I entered the venue area, there was a huge banner which was hanging by the wall and boldly stated the name of the event as FAD FEST show with other designers logo on the backdrop. The fashion show atmosphere was filled with glamorous music.
There was almost an eight by fifty foot long, elevated runway extending through the heart of the room with seats at both sides. In attendance were about two-hundred students, as the show progressed the hall became full up to the extent that were no more seats for people to sit down. As well as professionals from fashion industry who were reading over the program schedule, chatting and finding their seats to sit. And also in attendance was the Ex. Mr Nigeria 2018 Charismatic ISAAC KINGS.

I was fortunate enough to be one of the models that modeled that night, I modeled for about seven designers.
No sooner, the first dance crew came up to perform and also opened the show while I and the other models were busy dressing and getting ready to walk on the runway. I couldn’t watch the dance performance but I heard it was lit by the Abuad Chapel Dance Crew (ACDC). After their performance, the lights inside dimmed and the noise among the crowd faded away. It was the time for the moment to begin! The anchors, who were willingly looked very gorgeous and handsome, took over the stage and announced the entry of the first collection which was by a student designer from the school which was “EverythingbyBalogun”.
The fashion show consisted of thirty models both male and female, twelve designers, three dance crew performances, four musical performances by Abuad’s upcoming artists. The first time I walked, I was so scared because it was my first time on the runway. Heard my name from the audience but I couldn’t turn to look. As time went on when I came out with different clothing I became cool and I got used to the screening and shouting of my name from the audience even though I didn’t know who exactly was shouting my name but I later found out that it was my friends.
As the show went on different designers and their collections came to show off like HAZEL, GEORGE PRAYERS SUITS, TIMELINE WEARS etc and also the other dance crews came to perform and showed us what they got and many others came out to perform. I really enjoyed myself and think everyone that was there also did, the show was worth it. At the end I and the other models walked out in a straight line with all the designer, they greeted everyone for coming and while we were walking out the Dj gave us a cool song so we all matched out well and we were served snacks and drink by the owner of the show and thanked everyone of us for a job well done. To end m report I must say that it was a delightful show and the audience had an enjoyable evening.